St Wilfrid's Church

Holy Communion

Most of our Sunday morning services are Eucharistic. That means that at the service we share the bread and the wine to come closer to Jesus in remembrance of his Last Supper and a celebration of his resurrection.

We use wafers and communion wine to do this and Christians of any denomination are welcome to receive communion in our church. At a certain point in the service you will be invited to come up to the altar rail and receive the bread and wine. As members of the Church of England we recommend that older children and adults are confirmed before they take communion. Find out more about confirmation here.  

Holy Communion is a sacrament in the church and as such we consider it to be an outward sign of an inward grace - a profound moment of joining in fellowship with one another and with God through Jesus.

Blessing Holy Communion is in itself a blessing on our lives. Younger children and adults who would prefer not to take Communion are invited to come to the altar rail for a blessing. The priest will put her hand on your head and say a prayer of blessing for you.

Please note - Gluten-free wafers are available - please just let a sidesperson know if you need one. It is perfectly acceptable to just receive the bread if you do not drink alcohol.

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