St Wilfrid's Welcome Project

Everybody is welcome at St Wilfrid’s

We want to upgrade our facilities.  This will help everybody feel comfortable about inviting their friends and neighbours to come and experience a warm welcome at St Wilfrid's.

The Grappenhall community meet in St Wilfrid's and celebrate events such as Christmas, Summer Fair, wonderful musical concerts throughout the year, performances, commemorations, parish meetings, great memories.  Our congregation have decided that we want to welcome everybody to St Wilfrid's.

Parents and Grandparents can confidently bring their children into church.  We want to offer a quiet comfortable haven where families can have a "time out" even when the babies start crying, need a change or a drink.


We want older children to enjoy age appropriate activities in a safe, friendly environment that we plan to provide in this new annex to the church.

Older People participate as valued members of the community, volunteering if they wish.  We want to offer opportunities for everyone to feel part of our church community.  Our new Annex will have a special Volunteers Room with the equipment that our volunteers need, to help them help others.

We want to reduce loneliness and help our more frail church goers come to church and enjoy the simple pleasure of a chat and cup of tea after the service.  The new annex will have facilities like accessible toilets and a servery for hot drinks so that joining in can become a practical reality for many more people

Volunteers, young and old, have equipment and facilities that they need for gardening, church cleaning, flower arranging, bell ringing, coffee making and washing up, choir practise, supporting christenings, marriages and bereavements, fair trade and friendship.  

Our Volunteers deserve to have mains water, modern sewerage, storage areas for equipment and an economically heated place to meet in comfort to plan how best they can help others.

So what do we plan to build?

An annexe on the hidden side of the church, with a flexible welcome/discovery room, refreshment area, service and storage area with toilets. 

Time for Action

Our (nearly) 900 year old building has many architectural features which show how previous generations have cherished and enhanced it to meet the needs of their time.  Let’s celebrate its 900 years of service to the people of Grappenhall by opening St Wilfrid’s new annex in 2020. 

It will take time and money to build.  We want to start building as soon as possible now we have obtained all the formal permissions so please help fund this very worthwhile project.  This can be your way of ensuring that St Wilfrid's  meets the needs of current and future generations, your way  of making your contribution to the evolving heritage of Grappenhall.

Click on the church logo to donate using your bank debit card or credit card.  Taxpayers please select the online option to add 25% to your gift at no cost to you.




If you prefer to use a cheque please make it out to St Wilfrid’s Church, Grappenhall and send it to “St Wilfrid’s Welcome Appeal, St Wilfrid’s Church, Grappenhall, WA4 3EP .  UK Taxpayers, you can add an extra 25% to the value of your donation by completing a Gift Aid declaration on the web form.   

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